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We love parties, at home, in a park, at a venue, the movies, or you could say we are suckers for a great excuse to celebrate anything.

Here are a few things that a kids party can help your child learn. 

1/  that children learn how to be organised.

They do this from the moment you help them plan what their party will be, then deciding on their friends and getting the invitations out. Then it's just fun and probably you, who completely take over while they are excited and just party.

Being a guest at a party means their skills start when they receive the invitation, they can be involved in choosing a present, arriving on time, then there are party games, eating times, gift giving and finally the farewell. (this is usually met with lot's of "but i don't want to go yet")

They have learnt that everything even parties have a time plan and an ending.

2/  that children learn to socialise.

All parties big or small have one thing in common, that everyone should enjoy them. So everyone must learn to mingle by giving the gift to the birthday boy or girl, joining in on games or a movie and getting to know the other kids. Or even talking to adults at the party, helps them with these skills.

3/  that children learn behaviour.

Kids can be out of control and over the top (that's just being a kid) it takes you, to let them know that there is a limit to their actions and with their behaviour  in check, the enjoyment they experience is back on track.

So parties are an important part of growing up but what a fun way to do it.


Wednesday 3rd August

A photo tells a thousand words, so they say!  Well, not really, it won't show the effort and time that is put into a successful party but it will show the love and joy.

Yes, the smiles on their faces are worth every moment spent preparing and then that joy comes right back at ya!

We did a 21st a while back for the sunniest of girls and it was a reasonably big affair. A photographer was hired and although that cost hurt the budget, the resulting photos have given many more happy times with every look.

You don't need a photographer, unless you want one and with todays iPhones you can get some spectacular photos of your little one's party or event that keep your memories alive. These photos may one day remind them they actually had  awesome childhood parties and can thank you for that. (my kids recently have).

What really matters is the fun of planning, that it goes off without too much of a hitch. That is where we can help, with advice, supplies or styling the whole party kit and kaboodle.


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